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Image BoundCon Soiree - Limited Edition - for couples

BoundCon Soiree - Limited Edition

Would you like to spend an exclusive weekend in the Swiss Alps? Live out your bondage / BDSM and fetish passions in a cozy and elegant ambience in the Swiss mountains near Grans Montana, Zermatt etc.?

Then the first BoundCon Soiree is the right place for you.


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Image L Sponsor

Large Sponsor Vivishine

We say THANK YOU to our most loyal SPONSOR VIVISHINE

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Image Large Sponsor BoundCon XIX -

Large Sponsor BoundCon XIX

Looking for a BDSM and fetish community? Then you've come to the right place!

The social network for all BDSM and extreme fetish lovers!

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Image Sponsor BoundCon Bondage Convention

Mainsponsor BoundCon XIX 2024

We are proud to present this year's main sponsor of BoundCon. 

Eufory - Your Fetish Store





The EUFORY team is firmly anchored in the BDSM scene. We understand the needs and wishes of our customers. Whether by email, on the phone or in our flagship store in Hamburg, you will find the right contact person for every BDSM game. We advise you competently and at eye level.

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Image Free rooms at the Sportcheck Hotel

Still need a hotel room close to Feringapark?

The Sportcheck Hotel is looking forward to welcoming you.

The hotel includes a sports centre and there are families with children in the complex, guests are requested to enter the hotel and the complex in street clothes. Thank you for your understanding.

We are happy to accept reservation requests under the keyword: "Boundcon 2024" via Please let us know the booking period and have a credit card ready. Cancellation deadline up to 6 weeks before the BoundCon

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Image Official BoundCon Party

Official BoundCon Party - SubRosaDictum

The Kesselhaus is getting a cosmetic make over.That's why this year we're celebrating the official BoundCon After-Show-Party at the premium event location Dampfdom, right in the heart of Motorworld.

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Image Christmas present

mary Christmas

We are giving you the complete videos of all MainStage acts from BoundCon 2023. The videos will be available to enjoy on the website 

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Image 77000 visitors from all over the world have visited our website within 10 months

become a Sponsor

Become a sponsor and part of the BoundCon Family - We look forward to seeing you - 

THANKS to the great @werbeverlag for the great website

Photo: @IWatch 

Model : LadyG on BoundCon MainStage

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Image Kink Couture Days 2023


On 14 October 2023, AVANTGARDISTA will take place at Motorworld Munich. The event is a must for all fashionistas who are passionate about extraordinary fashion and an erotic and extravagant lifestyle.

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Image Exhibitors can register for BoundCon 24


Today the registration for the exhibitors of BoundCon 2024 starts. Secure your place and the 10% discount.

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Image BoundCon 2023 is over and we are all back to our daily routine.

Review BoundCon 2023

BoundCon 2023 is history and we have all landed back in everyday life. We carry many beautiful memories in our hearts. But also difficult and even sad moments.

For example, it was the first BoundCon in many years without Andrea in the trade show office. Nevertheless, she was present in our thoughts and hearts. She was always the heart of BoundCon. We hope that she can be there again in 2024.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the helpers from the bottom of my heart for their flexible work, independent thinking and dedication. You were great! - The Family

The kitchen crew did a great job again and worked non-stop. Like every year the Andreas and Tunde crew. It is impossible to imagine the event without them. Also there family in action!

The exhibitors were present in large numbers and have sold their carefully made products with much joy and verve. Walking through the aisles, you saw so many smiling faces and shining eyes. A colorful world of the Kink. - Family -

Guests were out in numbers and really brought BoundCon to life. When the doors opened on Friday, numerous people streamed into the hall with beautiful fancy outfits or simply in street clothes. Everyone was allowed to participate in the many fetishes, preferences and facets of the visitors. It was as if they would awaken the hall only to the blooming life. - Family -

The artists came from all over the world. A variety of bondage art, passion and BDSM conjured up many a magical moment in the hall. Passion blazed like fire and left one or the other amazed. Or the closeness and depth between the actors let a tear flash in the corner of some eyes and let people feel how much closeness and love our passions are capable of. Pain and joy are so close to each other. How diverse people are. - Family -

The world is getting more expensive, sadder and more complicated. Sometimes you lose the courage to watch the news at all. But it is also colorful, happy, intimate and full of love. We stay true to ourselves and always find a way to be together The BoundCon. The somewhat different family reunion.

- We are BoundCon -


Your Minuit, RopEmotion, HP and Crew

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Image Hauptsponsor BoundCon XVIII - ESINEM ROPE und ALL ABOUT GAG

Hauptsponsor BoundCon XVIII

ESINEM Rope is a long-established specialist bondage and shibari rope supplier worldwide and known for its excellent quality, durability, and ease of use.

We are proud to share our passion and allow you to live intense moments in our ropes. Our philosophy: there are many ways to bind as to love.

For more than 10 years we offer a wide range of ropes (jute, hemp, synthetic, semenawa, dyed, ...), accessories, rope care products, safety accessories, kits and more.

The ropes are made from premium natural fibers for maximum strength and longevity. The ropes are available in a variety of lengths, diameters, and colors to suit the preferences and needs of different users.

Our signature ropes have a unique construction that make our ropes durable and balanced.


All About Gag - is the worldwide producer and seller of customized PVC kink gear. Our Products are handmade, high quality and all vegan.

We ship them to all around the world. In our stock we have different color of PVC (clear, black, white, blue and red) which we constantly renew and expand. and full range of size and color of silicon ball.

Our company is based on fully customized and personalised products. This can include customized size, color, design, shape, type of product and even items with your own name, logo.

We also have a store of basic kink products to give you ideas and inspiration, These products are available to buy as they are or also customized or personalized. 

Why PVC ?

There is 3 main reason

1- This material is shiny by nature. It's reflect the light without ainsi product
2- It's a no porous  material unlike leather or faux leather (PU) who absorb liquid and almost impossible to clean it properly. PVC and silicon and waterproof and easy to clean, that is perfect to keep a good hygiene
3- PVC is made of petrol, not animal skin. It's to perfect material who combine resistance and vegan.

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Image Hotel Party - Stars of BoundCon

Hotel Party - Stars of BoundCon

Stars of BoundCon - After Party at Feringapark Hotel



@FERINGAPARK Feringastraße 2 - 685774 Unterföhring / Munich




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Image BoundCon XVIII Sponsor Fetish Libary

BoundCon XVIII Sponsor Fetish Libary

Fetish Library offers a huge selection of hot BDSM bondage and spanking videos. Everyone will find what they are looking for :-)

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Image BoundCon XVIII Sponsor Utopia / Erotopia

BoundCon XVIII Sponsor Utopia / Erotopia

Erotopia Utopia Fetish de Luxe

Scandal & extravagance is our style

Fetish & eroticism is our game

Euphoria & ecstasy is our goal

Exclusive fetish events in the Zurich area! See for yourself and get inspired at



BoundCon Tickets:

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Image BoundCon XVIII Sponsor Eufory

BoundCon XVIII Sponsor Eufory

Do you love BDSM games? Then you are in good company with us. Since 1999 we have specialised in high-quality bondage equipment and first-class BDSM toys in our BDSM shop. 




BoundCon tickets:

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Image BoundCon XVIII Sponsor Vivishine

BoundCon XVIII Sponsor Vivishine

Discover our innovative latex care products Vivishine, Viviclean and Vividress and find out why our products are so popular. We are very proud that our name Vivishine stands for quality and reliability worldwide. And we will continue to do everything we can to keep it that way in the future.
Here you will find all the information you need about our products and about latex in general. 





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Image Cancellation Cobie and replacement

Cancellation Cobie and replacement

Unfortunately, I have received sad news from Cobie. She will not be able to attend BoundCon 2023 for health and personal reasons. However, she is looking forward to participating in 2024 and hopes for the understanding of her fans. The cancellation has been very difficult for her.

We wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her in 2024.

The 3 custom shoots will be replaced by the wonderful Sarah Brooke and Diamondly. You can find their profiles here on the website under artists.

Best wishes

Minuit and team

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Image Soon it will be that time again and the BoundCon Family will meet in Munich.

8 weeks to go until BoundCon 2023!

In 8 weeks we will all meet in Munich for the 18th BoundCon. We are looking to an exciting future and will celebrate this with you in the coming years. With big and small changes. We move with the times and let the young generation inspire us. 

On the great new website created by WERBEVERLAG you will find all workshops, MainStage shows, custom photo shootings, exhibitors and artists. Take a look and get the popular tickets, some are already sold out.

I would especially like to thank our two main sponsors AllAboutGag and EinemRope as well as the L Sponsors Vivishine, Utopia/Erotopia, Eufory and FetishLibary for their great support! You make an important contribution to the convention and we hope to offer you a great advertising platform around BoundCon. 

See you on 09-11 June in the Zenithalle, at the SRD Party on Saturday and at the Feringapark Hotel Thursday to Sunday. 

Let's party! 

Your Minuit and TEAM


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Image Line Up BoundCon 2023

Line Up BoundCon 2023

Finally the time has come! 
We announce the line up of BoundCon 2023.

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Image INFOS Hotels BoundCon 2023

INFOS Hotels BoundCon 2023

Information about the partner hotels of BoundCon 2023

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Image New project

New project "BoundCon on Tour

Are you planning an event or are you a renowned club and want to bring high quality performances and sessions to your stage?

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Image Become a partner or sponsor of BoundCon

Become a partner or sponsor of BoundCon

Become a partner or sponsor of BoundCon

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Image BoundCon on Tour - Unholy Poly & Vlada at Zürich

BoundCon on Tour

Vlada & Unholy Polly (RU) Erotopia unique in Zurich

Für Euch - Mit Euch

Minuit, RopEmotion, Romano und Freddy

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Image Here we go again .... Get the popular VIP tickets

Start of ticket sales

Three, Two, One, MINE!

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Image You want to be there again as an exhibitor

BoundCon 2023 Exhibitor - Registration

You want to be there again as an exhibitor and generate the usual great sales? Do you even want to increase it? Or join the top league as a newcomer?

Then go for it! "The faster is the faster" is the MOTTO for 2023. The prerequisites are high-quality articles and rather small booths. Thus, we guarantee diversity and new exhibitors also have a chance to be there.

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Thank You Thank You Thank You

We hope you all enjoyed the spirit of the convention.
According to the positive feedback, it almost can't be any other way.

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