BoundCon - The International Fetish Convention
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Rope Space

This is the official bondage zone for all visitors of BoundCon. Here everyone may and can tie up, whether beginner or old hand at tying up.

It is very simple:Walk byRegister Start tying up!

As mentioned above, you don't have to do anything but go to the Rope Space. If it's free, you'll get your spot right away! If not, you can reserve a slot there. To make sure that everyone gets to tie up, the time per slot is limited to 25 minutes.

Watching the tying couples is allowed - the tying couples can be decide on their own to be photographed. If they allow it a sign will appear above their bondage slot. Without this, photography is not allowed. Filming is generally prohibited.

In addition, schools of bondage and bondage artists can present themselves.