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Hello dear ones

Three weeks after BoundCon, there are only 49 weeks left until the next BoundCon. 

We were very grateful for your numerous, positive feedback and of course we also took note of your criticisms (like opening hours).

BoundCon is changing and together we have made the first step ! 

Even if we couldn't realize all our visions this year, the new spirit was noticeable among you, the team and the visitors.
So we would like to continue shaping BoundCon TOGETHER with you!

Therefore, we will continue to offer you a 10% early booking discount on the booth prices.

This before we announce the following first two changes.

Because you trust in us - like we trust in you.

Within two weeks we already have the following changes:

1. BoundCon will become even more convention - it follows, in 2023 the cordoned off outdoor area will become another meeting space for guests. It will be used as a catering area, seating area and smoking area. 
2. on your advice we will rethink the opening hours and promise you already now that the BoundCon will close on Friday at 23:00.

We are looking forward to further feedback - see attached feedback questionnaire).

Kind regards

Minuit, Hanspeter, Stefan and the Orga-Team of the Boundcon