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Triskelia & friends

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Kink Up your Life is the motto at Triskelia & friends this year. New ideas for your session, board games, handcrafted accessories and much more can be found here. 
Play is the order of the day here:
- NEW - The 12 Kinkys - BDSM board game for up to 12 people
- NEW - Dogtags with many motifs from the kinky and LGBTQ+ community.
- NEW - Bed or Buck? - The game
- Easy to get started - Lets go with the changing game
- Kinky card games with over 650 ideas for your BDSM session
- BDSM board game Adoricum + Dark Dungeon expansion
- Punishment books
- Customized, laser engraved and useful items such as placemats and much more.

Come with me into my creative fetish world and visit me at my stand - you will be surprised what there is to discover beyond dildo and co.

Who is Triskelia & friends? Quite simply Lady Triskelia with heart and soul. A private femdom who loves to bring people together and live out her passion creatively and with understanding. If you're looking for a domina who orders you around, you've come to the wrong place. I have compiled interesting, helpful and sometimes curious information for femdoms, malesubs and people interested in FLR in the magazine and I am also very proud that so many people have already met at all my communicative events and have also found each other in their hearts. That's why I also offer the Go4Herrin program for submissive men.
I look forward to meeting you again at the Boundcon in 2024. Come by!