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Further... Higher... Faster... Better... Good has never been enough for me. Because good is many things. So whenever possible I try to give more, go the extra mile and offer the customer or viewer something special. The demand for development and the need for perfectionism is of course often in my way and yet I believe that it is worth giving a little more. Even if not everyone sees it or considers it necessary, it will remain my claim.
I try to apply this claim to Shibaku as well. To do something (or if possible everything) different, to try new things and to go unknown ways is my big goal. So it goes without saying that I don't want to offer mass-produced goods and if possible everything or at least parts of it are handmade. Of course it makes no sense to produce an aluminum can by hand, but a ring should be forged by hand and a rope should be twisted by hand. That the production takes place in Switzerland or at least in Europe and not in Asia isanother goal of mine. I think that for such an intimate activity as bondage and erotic play, cheap products made in Pakistan, China or India should not be used. Especially since Pakistan and whips do not fit for BDSM from my point of view....