BoundCon - The International Fetish Convention
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Image Shibaku

I always aim for the extraordinary, unique, and unexplored. For me, "good" is more than just a state. It's a way to see what's possible. It is this tireless search for more—more depth, more meaning, more connection—that drives me. In a world where "good enough" often suffices, I consciously choose the effort, the challenge, the extra mile it takes to achieve the extraordinary.

Each piece from my production symbolizes the pursuit of perfection. A hand-bound book conveys not just the knowledge of bondage but is a high-quality and artistic companion to Japanese-inspired bondage. A ring, forged by hand, tells the story of fire, strength, and precision. A rope, twisted by hand, is not just a tool, but an affirmation—an affirmation for moments that bind not just bodies but also souls.

The decision to produce in Switzerland or Europe underscores my commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical responsibility. My customers deserve nothing but the best, far from the anonymity of mass production.

In a world where value is often measured in numbers, I measure it in moments—moments of connection, intimacy, and deep personal expression. At Shibaku, it's not just about being different. It's about creating meaning, shifting boundaries, and continually proving that the journey to perfection is endless, but every effort is worth it.