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Handmade with dedication and passion!

Lust and passion paired with style and design!

The love game is the most intimate thing that exists between people.

Our goal is to enrich this with noble, handsome and high-quality dildos. Designed and yet modeled after nature, you can use the wonderful Queenslove dildos for all kinds of play at any time.

You may choose from different grandiose designs. Smooth and slim, large and nubby, shaped for the G-spot, wavy or specially designed to pleasure your clitoris or you anal.

All of our Queenslove porcelain dildos can be used vaginally or anal
and clean them 100% hygienically after play.

The Queenslove paddles made of high quality acrylic are especially well suited for the devotional play of gentle pleasure pain. Whether it's a gentle slap or an intense blow, your play partner will feel it and be allowed to enjoy this pleasure experience on the skin for a long time.

We at Queenslove manufacture all our products in the Franconian porcelain region near Arzberg with the utmost dedication and pure passion for YOU!