BoundCon - The International Fetish Convention
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Image UnkownRigger

For him, his ropes are like the tentacles of an octopus, which nestle around a body and hold it tight, protecting it and creating a deep and unique connection between two souls. This magic has accompanied him for 15 years now and has allowed him to try out many things. Initially loyal to Osada-Ryu, he later tried out the ideas of Naka to create his very own, undogmatic style today. His ropes create confidence and a great aesthetic. Understanding every body and every soul in its own special way and presenting it in an artistic aesthetic is his drive and his passion. He travels the world not only as a teacher, but also as an eternal learner. In 2021 he opened his first studio in Berlin. Since the beginning of 2024, he has lived in the beautiful, diverse city of Leipzig and opened the doors of Boundless Studio Leipzig under a new name. Together with his partner ZaaZou, the two try to create a very individual and magical approach to bondage. Their play with each other is all about catching, deep gazes and the tingling sensation in every touch. Well... and most of the time there is an untamable play instinct that creates its very own dynamic of power and passion.