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Image Skye

Skye is a British shibari and bondage enthusiast with eight years of experience and counting. Since meeting her rope and life partner, Restricted Area, they regularly put on breathtaking and beautiful shibari performances.

She particularly enjoys rope focused on suffering and exposure, as well as predicament bondage. Struggling in tight restraints is a favourite pasttime for her.

2024 is Skye and Restricted Area's first time at Boundcon. It's also the year she launched her Clips4Sale site, which features her tightly restrained and struggling in handcuffs. Be warned, her crazy flexibility leaves her liable to escaping even the most restrictive handcuffs!

Together with Restricted Area, they perform live shibari shows under the name "Shibari Syndicate". 









































Fr.  24.05.2024
17:00 - 17:30
Shibari Syndicate (ES)
Restricted Area, Skye
Main Stage
Sa.  25.05.2024
18:30 - 19:00
Restricted Area & Skye
Restricted Area, Skye
Outdoor Stage