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Image Nawasabi

Nawasabi has been working as a professional shibari performer and teacher since 2015. He is known in the community as a presenter at numerous European festivals such as Boundcon (GER), Bound (UK), Moscow Knot (RU), The London Festival of Rope Art (UK) and Rope Spirit (CZ). The likeable Palatine took his first steps in Great Britain at the end of 2010. Since that time, the "Enfant Terrible" has intensively studied Japanese bondage art, especially the styles going back to Akechi Denki. His passion for this art has taken him around the globe several times, even to Japan, to study with grandmasters such as Nawashi Kanna and Yukimura Haruki. However, Nawasabi considers his greatest inspiration to be Osada Steve, with whom he has been studying since 2013 and whose life's work still significantly influences his tethering style. At the end of 2014 Nawasabi founded one of the first German Rope-Dojos, in which he still inspires other people for Shibari, since 2020 he produces Germany's first podcast on the subject: Shibari Club.