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Ludvig Rigger

Image Ludvig Rigger

Ludvig is one of the three official Yagami Ryu instructors in Europe. Ludvig teaches Yagami Ryu in an undogmatic way. Through his attention to detail, technical proficiency, and seeking for deep connection and communication he gives this style an independent touch.
As the owner of the Shibari Center in Sofia – Bulgaria, he regularly teaches courses, workshops, and individual lessons for all levels – from beginners to professionals. His teaching experience in the last seven years with couples allows him to apply a personal approach to teaching students with different interests and needs. He has been teaching/ performing in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Greece, and Romania over the years. 
He started learning Shibari in 2008 and studied with well-known European and Japanese shibari teachers before becoming an official student of Sensei Yagami Ren, which allowed him to get to know different approaches and styles of Shibari. Ludvig spent a lot of time with his Shibari master and studied the techniques and philosophies of Yagami Ryu in-depth. Sensei Yagami Ren recognized his devotion and skills and honored him for teaching his style as an official Yagami Ryu instructor. 
Ludvig will teach this workshop together with his model Em. Ludvig and Em were the last presenters at Eurix No 21 in October 2022 and will use their personal rigger and model relationship to show their individual application of Yagami Ryu Taijutsu during this workshop as well as in their performance.