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Image Lilith

Lilith was the first to be called a woman. The original seductive shape to sit by Adams side, before Eve. She is a hurricane of feminine will, a spirit that cannot be controlled or tamed through the words of prosaic patriarchy.
At the dawn of humanity it was this wild wilfulness that caused her to be cast out of paradise. And so, she became exile, known by various names: The temptress, The primordial she-daemon. Man has long tried to trap her in these jealous labels, their cages dripping with the shame of their desires they want to enact. It matters little to Lilith, as with serpent dexterity, she escapes. Instead, like the forbidden fruit, she makes herself comfortable for all to see, hanging from the vines of temptation, her wicked green eyes shimmering with the savagery of a jungle’s overgrowth. Beware. She is a force of nature. A mythical silhouette, deeper than body and form. Only a fool asks her hand with nothing to offer in return…