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Felix Ruckert

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Following a long career as an internationally renowned dancer and choreographer Felix expanded his skill set, when - on tour in Japan - he discovered Shibari or Kinbaku – Japanese Rope Bondage in 1999. Starting as an autodidact, just copying from photos in Japanese rope bondage magazines, he soon had the chance to study with Hagen in Berlin, Matthias T.J. Grimme, Midori, Shadow and Osada Steve, who became his first teachers. 
When in 2007 he opened schwelle7, it quickly became an important hub for the international Shibari community. For nine years Felix regularily invited masters from Japan to schwelle7 and therefore had the opportunity to expand his knowledge, studying intensively with some of the most influential Japanese masters: Arisue Go, Nawashi Kanna, Hajime Kinoko, Akira Naka, Otonaya Otonawa and Ren Yagami amongst others. By programming Shibari at schwelle7 Felix Ruckert played a significant role in popularizing the practice in Berlin and throughout Europe. The Schwelle7 location and style became a model for many rope bondage dojos all over the continent. Coming from dance and theatre Felix also created dozens of Rope Bondage Performances, collaborating with and learning from artists such as Dasniya Sommer, Caritia, Gorgone, Nicolas Yoroi, Pilar LaOtra, Anna Noctuelle, Sophia Rose, Tifereth and Saara Rei amongst others. He also created several performances in a theatre context that integrated elements of Japanese Rope Bondage: STILLEN (2000), DIE FARM (2006), DRYADE – A DARK FAIRY (2011) and ZERO GRAVITY ZONE (2012).
Currently Felix Ruckert curates and organizes twice a year the EURIX - The European Rigger&Model Exchange in Berlin, which is the most popular international meetings for rope artists who engage in the development of Kinbaku as an art form. For EURIX Felix wrote his Guidelines for Rope Bondage Presenters as well as the EURIX Guidelines for Negotiation and Establishing Consent. At EURIX he regularily presents short Rope Bondage Performances applying three conceptual rules: using innovative technique, defining narrative and subtext, and applying tools of instant composition.
Felix’ private as well as his public Tying is unconventional and does not follow any particular style. He draws from a vast variety of techniques and schools, his ties adapt to each partner and each situation, composing with body, rope, time and space, in often unpredictable ways.
On the technical side he constantly tries to invent new patterns and ties and is particularly interested in creative and quick suspensions, often using a minimum of rope, both on bamboo and ring. He also enjoys floor work, integrating all forms of other sensual practices, from impact play and  knives to breath control and mindfuck. On the stage he tries to create strong theatrical experiences, to make meaning, to provoke reactions and thoughts. He also likes to reflect and investigate the societal and political impact rope bondage practice can have. He sees rope bondage practice as a model for a mutually beneficial human collaboration, for an exercise in consent and for an opportunity to reinterpretate power relations and deconstruct gender stereotypes.


Sa.  10.06.2023
19:30 - 20:00
Felix Ruckert
Felix Ruckert
Main Stage