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Andrea & Chiara

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Andrea Ropes is an international performer and Shibari Master.Born in Modena, Italy, he began his journey with ropes in 2006, stumbling upon a picture and being immediately fascinated by it. 
He then began his studies of this art form, learning its various techniques and styles, initially as an autodidact, later going to lessons from great masters such as Kanna Nawashi (whom he considers his main teacher and inspirer) Haruki Yukimura, Hajime Kinoko, Bob Ropemarks, Otonawa, Bingo Shigonawa, etc.

In early 2015, with 9 years of experience, he decided to pursue a professional career, travelling and taking his work as an educator and showman around Italy and Europe. His style on stage is predominantly characterised by great dynamism, artistic expressiveness and clean technique. As an educator, he stands out for his adaptability to the needs of the learners in front of him and for his meticulous attention to technique, especially with regard to tension. Of great importance are his studies and ongoing research into communication through the strings, an indispensable principle of this discipline.


Sa.  25.05.2024
18:00 - 18:30
Andrea Rope & Chiara (I)
Andrea & Chiara, Andrea & Chiara
Main Stage


17:30 - 19:30
Andrea Ropes - Chiara - STRAPPADO for everybody
120 Minuten