1. Visitors must be at least 18 years old. Entry can be refused if no valid ID is shown.
  2. By entering the convention the visitor agrees to the promoter, his employees, the Zenith, sponsors of the convention or of all events that are connected to the convention not being responsible for and not being chargeable for harms or injuries, be they physical or material that may befall the visitor for the duration of the convention.
  3. Visitors are required to follow tese rules of behaviour and dress-code:
    • No complete nudity except in shows at one of the stages in the course of the show program.
    • No exposed genitalia.
    • Breasts and Nipples may be exposed inside the convention hall.
    • Visitors who wish to wear fetish outfits at the convention are asked to wear streetwear outside of the Zenith premises. Within the premises and at the parking lot wearing of fetish outfits is possible. Wardrobes and changing rooms are available at the convention.
    • Sexual intercourse - applied or carried out- is not permitted and will have the expulsion from the convention as a result
    Any violation of the dress code will result in expulsion from the convention - fees and ticket prices will not be refunded.
  4. Still photography is only allowed in the convention area and in the model zone during the convention events. Photography of events on the main stage are NOT allowed. Video cameras are NOT allowed during any event. The organizer reserves the right to remove and/or deny further admission to the convention and/or to any or all of its events to anyone using a video camera. Models reserve the right to deny any person an opportunity to take their photograph. If anyone wishes to photograph a model, they must ask that model or her authorized representative for permission to do so in advance. The only exception to this rule is if it has been announced that photographs of certain models are allowed in a designated area of the convention room. Please always respect a model's privacy. Attending the convention does not imply that all models wish to be photographed.

    Attending models reserve the right to decide whether or not they will participate in any bondage or bondage related events or photo shoots while at the convention. Models are personally responsible for their own welfare and safety. Models are encouraged to report any problems they encounter with photographers, producers, and/or fans to a representative of the organizer.

    Neither the Organizer, its staff, its members, nor the Zenith nor the sponsors of the convention or any convention-related events shall be responsible or liable for any claims, actions, damages, costs or expenses arising out of any transaction or occurrence that takes place in a private hotel room or at private parties.

    Models entering into agreements to be photographed privately are strongly encouraged to check the references of the person they are dealing with, to have someone they know and trust with them during any private photo shoot, and to resolve all issues before beginning a private photo shoot.
  5. Any person who appears to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs will be denied entry.
  6. Visitors with VIP tickets or After Show Party tickets receive colored VIP wrist bands, which they must always wear when they are in the convention hall and during the cocktail events.
  7. These IDs must must presented to the security personal of the event upon request when entering the VIP zone or the party location. The wrist band may not be passed on to other people. Violators will be denied access to the entire event.
  8. The organizer reserves the right to remove and/or deny admission to the convention and/or to any or all of its events if it is reasonably believed that a person is disruptive or presents a danger to the wellbeing of the other attendees of the convention or any events in connection with it.
  9. We would like to explicitly point out, that all audio and photographic material recorded within the exhibition hall and party area may only be published with the written consent of the organizer. Publishing even includes displaying unlicensed photographs on the internet. Violations of this rule are punishable by a 5.000,-€ contract penalty and will be be reported to the police. The only exception is private photo shoots with models. Here, written consent by the model is sufficient for publishing. The organizer reserves the right to prohibit the publication of material if potential casual bystanders can be recognized. Only the photographs used on the official BoundCon homepage,, may be used for advertising or promotional purposes without restriction.
  10. All persons who wish to participate in any workshop or demonstration during the convention weekend shall be required to first receive clearance by the organizer. This shall expressly provide, among other things, that participants in any workshop or demonstration of the organizers its members, agents, employees, representatives, associations, and owners, as well as the Zenith shall not be held responsible for any and all damages and demands that may arise during the participation in the workshops and demonstrations, including demands for damages, costs, expenses regarding personal injury, financial loss or wrongful death. Nobody is allowed to start a demonstration or participate in a workshop without having already having first received clearance. Any participation in spontaneous demonstrations or other game activities occurs upon the participants own risk and the organizer and its associates cannot be held responsible in any way.
  11. The organizer reserves the right to alter, add, or modify any and/or all of these general rules.
  12. Furthermore, the general rules of the Civil Order Department of the city of Munich are in effect.

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