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BoundCon XVI - Safe the best... !!!

Update from October 30, 2018

After reading some rumours in the social media that BoundCon XVI will be the last one and BoundCon will end, we will give you a short Statement:

FAKE -NEWS - Completely Nonsens !

BoundCon will continue as it is. Obviously we will bring in some new ideas, or optimize things we can optimize. Like in all the years before. For example we are working on a completely new Website. But the Key Fact is that BoundCon will continue like it is. Same Dates, Same place, same Team !

Ticket Pre-Sale for a sensationell BoundCon XVI from May 24 to 26 in 2019 started today on October 1st, 2018 !!!...

As always all VIP-Tickets are limited ! So order your favourite Tickets now before we are sold out again.

The Full Setup of Special Guests will be updated here within the next weeks. We can promise you a sensationell Setup and Performance schedule - probably the best we ever had !

Looking Forward to see you all in May 2019 !

Andreas Voetterl

Erotix GmbH