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BoundCon XV - Let´s get started !!!

Update from April 30, 2018:

With big steps we get closer to BoundConXV ! Just a few weeks are left to celebrate the unexpected again! 

Ticket Update:

VIP Tickets for Saturday are sold out !

VIP Tickets Friday and Sunday still available.

3 Day VIP Tickets only a few leftovers availble !!!

Last Chance to order your Pre-Sale Tickets !!!...

Ticket Pre Sale Ends on May 21st ! International orders prior to 2 weeks to the Event will not be shipped anymore. We will store the tickets at the cash desk in the Event Center. You will receive a confirmation with Email and can picck up your tickets during the Event, then.


The setup and the schedule for the workshops and custom photo shootings are online! Don't wait to long to book your place, the tickets are limited, so better be fast than sorry.   

Updates on Workshops and Custom Photo Shootings:

- Workshop Number 3, 4 and 6 are sold out !

-  CPS 3, 5 and 12 are sold out.


We  have a really presentable  setup for 2018! Our theme 'back to the roots' will be represented by some of the SpecialGuest from the very first BoundCon which are still active and successfull in the scene, following their passion. 


We are really proud to have Lew Rubens again in our Crew like he was at the first BoundCon 2004! He is followed by his partner, Kaecie James, a highly demanded model from the USA! BoundConXV is her first BoundCon. Bob Ropemarks from the Netherlands will be again at BoundCon and he belongs since the first BoundCon to the Elite or Riggers in Europe.  


Likewise we present Elise Graves, another Top Star from the USA. United with Serious Bondage their booth will be adventurous with their extraordinary devices! On sunday the Mainstage will be under their regime and you will see some spectaculous real BDSM! 


We also have the confirmation from Zonah, it will be her second time at BoundCon. Christina Carter will be back, after her first time last BoundCon she confirmed for this edition again. You can meet her in the custom photo shootings! Also Cobie our Bondage Superstar from Australie and our 'Florida Bombshell' Fayth on Fire are back again! Live and in Action!!!  


We are extremly happy about the confirmatin from Sgt. Major Derek Viktur!! He was also a part of the early BoundCon years and we will never forget the evenings he rated and disciplined the VIP-Girls! Also 'The Bondage Barrix' brings some special candies in his luggage: Ashley Lane, a Top Star from the US will be his companion for BoundCon 


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